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Quality Control engineer (junior)

Amsterdam, Nederland

Job Type


About the Role

We are looking for a Junior Software Engineer Quality Control for our development team. Quality control is of the utmost importance for us, since the decision-making processes our customers and research partners in heavily rely on the data and the outcomes we present. To help us perform reliable and repeatable quality control we also use robotics. Your responsibility will be to help manage these robots for testing purposes, run tests, adjust scripts, and help further develop communication API’s.
Besides this, we also have an opportunity to develop for our dashboards which are used to manage projects, show project insights and monitor progress. You’ll work in unison with the Clinical Team and the Data Science team to provide new features and build beautiful responsive web pages and data visualizations.


  • You are able to understand business needs, problems and requirements and connect them to technological solutions

  • You like structure and you are precise in your work

  • You have communicative skills, verbal and in writing

  • You like to dig not one, but two spades deeper

  • You like participating in all phases of the data product development: problem formulation, data analysis, modeling, model validation, testing, etc.

  • You have already got some experience with software development, preferably in python or javascript.

  • You have got some demonstrable experience with ReactJS, VueJS or AngularJS. We have a strong preference for React as it is used across all our applications. If you have any personal projects on GitHub, internships, or school projects, please show off some of your work.

  • You are organized, meticulous and able to document your work clearly.

  • You enjoy collaborating with others in a fast-paced environment.

  • If you already have some experience with version control systems like Git, that is great, if not, we can show you how it works, and provide you with some additional course work if necessary.

  • If you have experience with Typescript that is amazing, but it is not required. We can teach you!

  • If you have experience with any of the following tool & technologies that would be a plus:

    • API Development (NodeJS, Golang, Python)

    • Databases (SQL/NOSQL we use both for various use cases)

    • Unit testing (Jest, Selenium, Cypress)

    • Cloud (AWS, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, RDS)

    • If you haven’t worked with these before, but are interested in expanding your skillset, we would love to help you grow into a more experienced developer.

About the Company

Our current stack is a mix of Javascript, Typescript, React for the Frontend and Go & Python for the backend / tooling. Our entire infrastructure runs in Amazon Web Services.

If you are interested in learning more about backend / API development, that is absolutely encouraged. There is a lot of room to grow in various directions. Work is divided roughly 30% on the test robot and helping out with the QC process. The other 70% you can help us with development on our platform.

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